First Presbyterian Church has always been a mission-oriented church. We provide support for missionaries in Haiti and Madagascar, and we support the Haiti Education Foundation. At the end of 2020, we coordinated a drive to provide gift cards for the Shenandoah Valley Department of Social Services.  Many of their clients are elderly or disabled and low income, and often there is no family or community support.


Some of the other organizations that we provide support for include:

  • Community Childcare
  • Martha’s Meals on Wheels
  • Staunton Augusta Church Relief Assn.
  • Valley Mission
  • Trinity Lunch
  • Presbyterian Disaster Assist
  • Presbyterian Children’s Home of the Highlands
  • Young Adult Volunteers
  • Presbyterian Church Blanket Fund


First Presbyterian members and friends are generous with their time and resources. If you think you might want to be involved in our missions and community outreach programs, you will be welcomed warmly, and we are sure you will find your niche.